Facebook – del 2

Jag läste en mycket bra artikel om Facebooks värde precis, och kan inte låta bli att citera slutstycket:

The Real Value of Facebook Is Friends of Fans

Many businesses think of Facebook as the place to get new customers, and it certainly can be. But the most effective way to get those new customers is through word-of-mouth (or the online version, which perhaps should be called word-of-keyboard?).

Many businesses want to reach new audiences on Facebook, but they just aren’t sure how. The answer is simple: through your existing fans. Here are some of the ways that you can use your current customers to generate awareness with their friends:

  • Encourage interactions with content to build awareness
  • Run contests or trivia where your fans reveal interesting things about their personality
  • Ask customers to post photos on your Facebook
  • Feature customers on your Facebook
  • Provide incentives for sharing
  • Build contests for sharing and social spread, not to maximize entries
  • Create an extraordinary visual experience that customers want to share
  • Build mass momentum with events”

Där har vi det alltså, 8 riktigt vettiga saker man kan göra som företag på Facebook, utan att betala för annonser.

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